The ROI of High a Performance Culture



How to Map and Measure Corporate Culture to improve Business Results 



Several studies demonstrate the direct relationship between company culture and improved business performance. Your corporate culture has a direct impact on your company’s growth, profits, operating cost and execution. This executive training series will provide an overview of how to assess, map and change your organizational values to suit your organization and its unique challenges. You and your team will learn how to increase profits, employee retention and customer satisfaction through creating, mapping and managing company culture to meet strategic goals.



• How corporate culture impacts business performance, profit, teamwork and employee turnover

• Measuring culture: Example of a corporate culture map portraying both current and ideal culture within the organization

• The impact and cost of not investing in Corporate Culture on your bottom line

• 5 key steps to harnessing a great culture



• Must-know information companies need to successfully define and manage their corporate culture

• How to build, map and assess corporate culture and how it drives performance to grow your company

• Learn how to uncover the emotional keys that drive behaviour and performance

• 5 key steps that will have an immediate impact in your organizational culture



• C-level executives of established companies with a desire to develop a high performance culture

 Alpha Global Experts helps organizations and teams leverage the business value of cultural diversity through established metrics and measurable outcomes.