Leveraging and integrating diverse and multi-cultural teams


Driving growth and innovation through the power of diversity


This executive training series will provide tools to create a climate of mutual respect and trust in order to link people from different cultures with diverse backgrounds in productive and positive ways. We focus on building competence within your organization and developing knowledge and understanding about the basic drivers behind cultural differences and how they affect team performance.

Participants will build awareness and respect for cross-cultural and diversity issues. Our proven methodology is backed by over 20 years of research. Through established metrics and measurable outcomes, we help you manage the business value of diversity.



• Awareness of cultural assumptions

• Analiyze and reconcile team dilemmas

• How to unlock the value of diversity in your teams and organization

• Diagnosing the influence of diversity on business relationships

• Values to behaviour for teams and leadership



• Provide tools to open a dialogue between people from diverse backgrounds to understand and compare their cultural differences and similarities

• Build awareness and respect for cross-cultural and diversity issues

• Build skills to leverage diversity

• Develop the ability to value and work with diversity throughout the organization

• Increase awareness to the challenges of working in multi-cultural and diverse teams

• Improve team performance by connecting different viewpoints



• C-level executives, Managers, HR professionals of companies with diverse and multi-cultural teams


 Alpha Global Experts helps organizations and teams leverage the business value of cultural diversity through established metrics and measurable outcomes