Global Readiness Assessment


Assessing risk and reward – is your business ready to go international


Are you ready to take your business to the next level and venture into other global markets? How do you know? This workshop will cover a Global Business and Export Readiness assessment to help you grow your business beyond local borders. Find out if your company is ready to capture new markets and what you need to do to succeed on a global scale. When breaking into new markets it is imperative you understand the factors that would make your business succeed. This workshop will help you focus on alleviating the unique challenges businesses face when entering or expanding into new markets, and deliver guidelines on how to reduce exposure and risk while increasing your understanding of the market and your chances of success.



•  Find out if your company is ready to capture new markets

•  Find out what you need to do to grow your business on a global scale

•  Current opportunities in international markets

•  Risk mitigation

•  Common misconceptions about “Going Global”

•  Overview of the four stages of creating a successful global expansion strategy



•  Individual Global Readiness Assessment for your business

•  A good understanding of what it takes to enter a new market for your business

•  Strategies and assessment of next steps for your business

•  Researching and entering foreign markets

•  Selecting the right partners

•  Dealing with risk

•  Bridging language and culture gaps

•  Financing exports and projects



•  C-level executives of companies with capacity and unique product or service offerings that are uncertain of how to go about expanding into new markets

•  Senior Government decision makers involved in assisting companies with a desire for internationalization

•  Executives of business incubators





Find out if your company is ready to go global or venture into a new market. Don’t miss out on exponential growth opportunities, you may be closer than you think!

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