Global Expansion: Why Go Global


Top 10 reasons companies should look at markets outside Canada and the USA for growth


The global economy is at a turning point. Fast-growth economies in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe now form almost half of global GDP and, in recent years, they contributed 70% to overall global growth. These trends are accelerating. By 2050, fast-growth economies are projected to account for 65% of the global economy. Are you looking beyond your borders for growth? This workshop will provide critical insights into why companies should be looking at markets outside Canada and the USA, and why doing so provides a strong competitive advantage.



•  Top 10 reasons you should be looking at global markets for growth

•  Current opportunities in international markets

•  Growth and competitiveness in a changing marketplace

•  Common misconceptions about “Going Global”

•  Innovation and competitive advantage

•  Are you ready to expand beyond local borders? Global Readiness Assessment – Overview

•  Overview of the four stages of creating a successful global expansion strategy



•  Current international markets suitable for Alberta companies

•  Trends – industry overview

•  Researching and entering foreign markets

•  Selecting the right partners

•  Dealing with risk

•  Bridging Language and culture gaps

•  Financing exports and projects



•  C-level executives of companies with capacity and unique product or service offerings that are uncertain of how to go about expanding into new markets

•  Senior Government decision makers involved in assisting companies with a desire for internationalization

•  Executives of business incubators


Alpha Global Experts supports you in all aspects of doing business on a global scale – from market entry to cross-cultural operational integration. We make markets accessible and culture tangible and measurable!