Driving growth and innovation through the power of diversity


This executive training series will focus on building cross-cultural competence within your organization and developing knowledge and understanding about the basic drivers behind cultural differences. With a strong emphasis on diversity integration, we will work with your leadership and teams to unlock the value of diversity to foster innovation on different levels of your organization. Participants will gain an increased awareness of their own cultural assumptions, learn to build respect for other perspectives, and build skills in diagnosing the influence of diversity on business relationships. Our proven methodology is backed by over 20 years of research. Through established metrics and measurable outcomes, we help you manage the business value of cultural diversity.



• Awareness of cultural assumptions

• Basic drivers behind cultural differences

• How to unlock the value of diversity in your teams and organization

• 7 dimensions of culture in business

• Diagnosing the influence of cultural differences on intercultural business relationships



• Develop knowledge and understanding about the basic drivers behind cultural differerences

• Increase the understanding of the business implications and leadership challenges derived from diversity

• Overcome cultural barriers in international alliances

• Develop the ability to value and work with diversity

• Build skills to leverage cross-cultural differences and diverse backgrounds as they apply to your business



• C-level executives, Managers, HR professionals of companies with diverse and multi-cultural teams


 Alpha Global Experts helps organizations and teams leverage the business value of cultural diversity through established metrics and measurable outcomes