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The Impact of Culture on Business

In an international work environment, people from diverse backgrounds differ in the specific solutions they choose for universally shared business issues. Underestimating the role of culture can heavily impact the quality and results of your business. Cultural diversity expresses itself in viewpoints and values, in operational priorities and in ways of working. We can help you to recognize and respect cross-cultural diversity and teach you the art of reconciliation, i.e. working systematically through cross-cultural dilemmas in an open dialogue that will result in win-win solutions for all parties.

You can expect substantial and sustainable returns to come from personal and professional growth, such as increased effectiveness of cross-cultural teams; avoidance of the loss and waste of relationships, energy, time and money; the transformation into a new transnational business culture operating at a higher level of synergy; and a greatly improved working climate and a stronger company reputation.

Achieving cross-cultural competence is about you and your organization. It is about your leadership, management and your people, individually and in groups. There is much to learn for everyone.

We cover the full spectrum from building multi-cultural teams, effectively integrating foreign temporary workers to creating high performing multi-cultural teams through leadership/team development with charters of (effective) behaviors.



Alpha Global Experts is proud to deliver the International Program Stream for TEC Edmonton’s Go-To-Market Program


About the Program

TEC’s Go‐To‐Market programs help technology companies maximize successful execution in market entry, product launch and revenue growth by addressing market place challenges, and focusing on strategy and implementation. It uniquely combines a comprehensive go-to-market curriculum through applied learning, access to industry experts and one-on-one mentoring. The regular stream is an intensive four month program with a taught curriculum and five bi-weekly half day sessions. In addition there are weekly webinars and homework assignments.

The International Go-To-Market stream includes all aspects of TEC’s regular Go-To-Market stream plus three additional seminars that provide essential information companies need to succeed in new markets. Supplemental support for the international stream includes the following: one-to-one strategic consulting and project specific support for market selection and market entry as well as coaching to create and implement a global expansion plan.

Mentors for both streams are recruited specifically for the individual company, based on its profile. Mentors include executive level business experts, venture capitalists, angel investors and senior consultants in the technology industry.

Key DeliverablesRegular Program Stream

The development and expert review of a Strategic Marketing Plan

The development and expert review of a Marketing Implementation Plan

Each deliverable is critiqued during two panel presentations by a jury panel of technology commercialization experts and investors who provide feedback, suggestions and industry connections.

Key Deliverables International Program Stream

All of the above plus the following:

 Intercultural Awareness Profile (IAP) and expert review

The development and expert review of a Going Global strategy

The sourcing, development and expert review of an in-country Local Intelligence Plan

Target Audience  

Alberta‐based technology companies that are commercial ready or are preparing to launch a new product or product line in North America and beyond.




Alpha Global Experts supports you in all aspects of doing business on a global scale - from market entry to cross-cultural operational integration.