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Breaking down cultural and trade barriers in South Korea

One of the fastest growing developed countries since the millennium, South Korea is a high income developed country that ranks 14th in the world by nominal GDP and an economy valued at $1,014,482 trillion US. As a G-20 economy, it is one of the Asian Tigers, and is the only developed country so far to have been included in the group of Next Eleven, N-11 countries. It was one of the few countries that averted the global financial crisis in 2008. South Korea relies on international trade as it is the sixth largest exporter and tenth largest importer in the world.

Located next to China, Japan and North Korea, its 48 million inhabitants speak exclusively Korean. It is a democratic state that has been a member of the UN since 1981.Contrary to neighboring Asian countries, 44 % of its inhabitants claim to have no religious affiliation which plays an important role in its culture. For instance greetings are exchanged with a bow and a handshake combining Eastern and Western cultural influences. Korean culture still follows teachings and philosophies of Confucianism as the family is more important than the individual. Similar to other Asian countries, the preservation of the individual’s dignity must always be considered. Our Social and Business Culture Guide will brief you on many of the cultural intricacies of doing business in South Korea.

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Our Social and Business Culture Guide South Korea will cover:

[icon name=icon-screenshot]  Proper business protocols

[icon name=icon-screenshot]  Different communication styles

[icon name=icon-screenshot]  Tips for conducting business meetings and negotiations


Other interesting facts about South Africa include:

[icon name=icon-screenshot] Key economic indicators

[icon name=icon-screenshot] Emerging business sectors

[icon name=icon-screenshot] Foreign trade opportunities


South Korea is a country with business opportunities in many sectors including transportation and energy, aerospace research, robotics and biotechnology. Learn about these and many other business opportunities today.





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