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Iran is an Islamic nation located in the Middle East and central Eurasia bordered by Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan Russia and Turkey. Its 79 million citizens inhabit a land mass that equals 1,648,195 km2 (636,372 sq. mi) making it the 18th largest country in the world in terms of area. With a GDP of $928.9 billion US, it is one of the richest Arab nations and ranked 27th in the world. Its largest economic sector is natural gas, which makes Iran currently rank second in the world in proven reserves and fourth for proven petroleum reserves. It is the 2nd largest oil exporter in OPEC.

Iran’s different ethnic groups play a large role in defining its culture. Its population is composed of Persians (61 %), Azerbaijanis (16 %), Kurds (10 %), Lurs (6 %), Arabs (2 %), Balochs (2 %), Turkmens and the Turkic tribes. However, Persian is the official language of the country. Iranians are committed to their families and the Islamic faith. It is necessary for foreign companies to take into consideration the religious obligations of Iranians that require them to pray daily in order to ensure long term business success. Iranians regard the family as the basis of the social structure and loyalty to the family takes precedence over social and business relationships.

Iran’s dynamic, youthful (more than two-thirds of the population is under the age of 30) and literate population (83% literacy rate) make Iran an ideal market for many goods and services. Learn about the new opportunities that exist in Iran.

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Some of the key cultural points covered include:

[icon name=icon-check-sign]The different roles of men and women in business

[icon name=icon-check-sign]Building long term business relationships

[icon name=icon-check-sign]Negotiation tactics and strategies

Other interesting economic facts include:

[icon name=icon-check-sign]Key economic indicators

[icon name=icon-check-sign]Market overview

[icon name=icon-check-sign]Investment trends

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