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Ghana’s distinct business culture

Ghana, a British colony, formally known as the Gold Coast, is located in the Gulf of Guinea. Within the West African continent, Ghana is considered to be one of the most stable, peaceful, and democratic country in the region.

With a population of just over 25 million inhabitants, Ghana is divided into 75 ethnic groups and globally recognised as one of the strongest economies in the continent. It has strong business and economic ties with the United Kingdom. In 2011, Ghana was the UK’s 6th largest goods market and the 8th largest import market in Africa.

Ghana has enjoyed steady economic growth with a rising GDP which makes it one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In 2010 the government upgraded the country to a lower middle income economy. Ghana is known as one of the world’s top gold and cocoa producer. The recent discovery of oil in Ghana has significantly increased the country’s revenue and placed it amongst the oil producing nations. World Bank projections indicate that Ghana will have the fastest growth rate on the continent with an estimated GDP of 10.4 % in 2012.

English is the official language spoken in Ghana and is officially used to transact business. Other local languages spoken are Akan, Ewe, Dagomba and Ga.

Ghana was the 7th largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDIs) in Africa according to the UNCTAD World Investment Report 2011. Ghana is an open country with a strong entrepreneurial approach to business and provides a friendly environment for investors.

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