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Bangladesh’s growing South Asian importance

Bordered by India and Myanmar, Bangladesh is a parliamentary democracy that is listed among the Next Eleven economies, N-11. As a founding member of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, the D-8 and BIMSTEC, Bangladesh plays an integral role in the economic development of the South Asia region. Its economy, valued at $282.5 billion US, is the 44th largest economy in the world. One of its most prominent economic sectors is the growing garment sector which accounts for over 80 % of the country’s export earnings valued at $18.7 billion US and employs more than 3 million workers. It is currently building a deep sea port which will be used by the whole region, including China and India as a maritime and logistics hub.

Most of the country’s rich cultural legacy can be attributed to the Bengali language and culture, which dates back 4000 years and the Islamic and Hindu religions. Foreign companies wishing to do business should pay special consideration to the different pace of meetings. Because meetings are not constrained by time, they often take longer than scheduled. And even though agendas and programs are rarely followed, foreigners should be aware that serious business is still taking place. Our Social and Business Culture Guide Bangladesh will ensure that you are well prepared.

Our Social and Business Culture Guide Bangladesh will help you get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Take advantage of this no obligation offer and learn about the soft skills that will increase your chances of success including:

[icon name=icon-check-sign]Business meeting and greeting etiquette
[icon name=icon-check-sign]The different communication styles
[icon name=icon-check-sign]The importance of showing emotional intelligence in business dealings

Other interesting facts about Bangladesh include:

[icon name=icon-check-sign]Up and coming economic sectors
[icon name=icon-check-sign]An expanding middle class
[icon name=icon-check-sign]Increasing direct foreign investment



With our comprehensive Bangladesh Social and Culture Business Guide you can chart the proper course for your firm’s South Asian voyage.