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Navigating Trade Shows Abroad with Confidence

So you’ve decided to introduce your product at a local trade show in your chosen new market? Great! Local trade shows and conferences are fantastic way to get your feet wet and test the waters.

But how do you make sure your marketing dollars are well spent? Who to connect with? How to display your booth? What’s an appropriate budget? Is your brand and product sufficiently localized? Do you have staff on-site who speak the local language? How can you seize opportunities on the spot?

Many trade shows and conferences abroad look, feel and navigate much differently that in your home market. Often, business is done pre- or post day at networking mixers or “private” after events. How do you meet the right decision makers and make the right connections in a foreign environment?



Take your Event from Daunting to Daring with the Right Support

We will work with you to help make the most of your trade show and investment. Through our extensive Local Expert network in over 30 markets, and more than a decade of experience, we can provide:

dedicated local experts who can accompany you to meetings or social activities related to your business dealings or negotiations to help you navigate local cultural nuances and act as your personal interpreter

a trusted local advisor by your side to provide support and insight in negotiations with local business partners

in-country primary and secondary market research to support your decisions

connections with trusted local professional contacts such as lawyers, accountants, staffing agencies, event planners etc. as required

assistance in connecting with potential local business partners or sales channels

a better understanding of the local market and competitive landscape

local introductions and networking opportunities

assistance with negotiations in the local language

pre-trip research

customized country guide

research on potential partners

interpreting as needed

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