In-Country Market Research



There is no Global Marketing Strategy

Your  traditional approach to marketing your product or service, no matter how successful and effective, will likely not work in other markets. There are many examples of messaging gone wrong, some very bemusing, others with fatal consequences,  but all of them costly and damaging to your brand.

For your business and marketing to be successful in a foreign country, it is crucial to have a firm understanding of the target market—culture, language, nuances, perceptions, needs and wants.

What about competitors? How do you know what they are doing, and how to beat them? What are your customers or potential customers saying? Are they perceiving your offering as valuable? In today’s age of social media, buzz marketing and instant feedback in local communities, knowing what is being said about your company, your product, your competitors is critical to your success in the market.

But what if you don’t understand what’s going on, because not all data and insights are available for non-locals. Some information is only available in the local language. Googling your competitor from your local search will only give you a small glimpse of the big picture. How can you react in real time? How can you obtain current, reliable in-country data that helps you position your product successfully in the market?


Local Insights to Support your Decisions

We offer unique solutions to support your global expansion with local expertise, so you will have less things to worry about and can focus on your international business objectives. though our Local Expert network, we can provide you with the current, local information you need to make the right decisions by providing:

In-country market research customized for your industry and product/service 

Local insights and country introduction materials

Access to in-country primary and secondary market research to support your decisions

Connections with trusted local professional contacts such as lawyers, accountants, staffing agencies etc. as required

Assistance in connecting with potential local business partners or sales channels

Being able to resonate with international consumers is a challenging task. Ask us how our In-Country Market Research can help you gain and maintain a local competitive advantage!

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