In-Country Support



In-Country Support

New markets with their cultural nuances, traditions, legislations and different regulations for doing business can be difficult to navigate. That is why our team works closely with you, providing you with a personal connection to a cultural business expert both here, and in your target market.

It is estimated that more than half of all international ventures fail within two or three years. The reason most often given is lack of cultural competency – not the lack of technical or professional expertise.

Understanding the cultural environment and finding the right partners can be challenging and a major roadblock to entering a new market.

Alpha Global Experts understands the issues that you’ll face when entering new markets and makes it a priority to help you turn these threats into opportunities.

Local Support in 53 Countries

Telephone Interpretation in 176 languages

Available 24/7



Local Expertise in Global Markets

We offer unique solutions to support your global expansion with local expertise, so you will have less things to worry about and can focus on your international business objectives. We help ensure your visits and negotiations are successful and your time and investment is utilized effectively by providing:

In-Country market research
Local Experts
Translation and localization
Interpreters worldwide
24/7 Telephone interpreting in 176 languages
Target market negotiation support
Trade show preparation and event support
Worldwide Partnership Network: Tactical regulatory assistance – entry requirements, visa etc.


How will your company benefit?

Our dedicated in-country Local Expert Advisors will work with you to help you succeed and grow your business in foreign markets.
You will

be fully prepared with pre-trip customized industry research, insights and country introduction materials
have a dedicated local expert accompany you to meetings or social activities related to your business dealings or negotiations to help you navigate local cultural nuances and act as your personal interpreter
have a trusted local advisor by your side to provide support and insight in negotiations with local business partners
gain access to in-country primary and secondary market research to support your decisions
connect with trusted local professional contacts such as lawyers, accountants, staffing agencies etc. as required
receive help in connecting with potential local business partners or sales channels

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