Expansion Strategy (GSA)



Why have a global strategy?

Companies compete in a world that has never been flatter facing constant pressures to remain competitive on a daily basis. Many companies look beyond their local markets for growth and expansion and the fast-growth markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America are becoming target locations and the engines of the global economy.

When looking for a new market, a strategy that is specific to that market entry and expansion can set you apart from your competitors. What entry strategy would best fit your company goals? There are several entry strategies and since no one-size fits all, a carefully mapped expansion strategy is essential to minimize risk and ensure return on investment.



What we can do to alleviate the pain:

At Alpha Global Experts, we offer unique solutions to help your company grow. With 20 years of experience in over 30 countries, Alpha Global Experts, is your trusted partner to make your global strategy successful in the following ways:

 Choosing the right market

Market entry strategy

Global strategy

Execution and Implementation

Operational integration



Benefit for the client:

To support your company, we will:

Map out a scalable strategy specific to your business objectives

Develop an executable action plan with milestones to fit your specific goals and timelines

 Provide coaching to executives and teams through the market entry stages and operational process

Help create an efficient localization and internationalization plan


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