Four Stages of Global Expansion


How to create a successful expansion strategy, pick the right market, and mitigate risk



Whether companies are aware of it or not, they are already competing globally. Before now, businesses could choose to compete globally or not, now it is a necessity – a new reality. The time is right and conditions are more favorable than ever to grow market share globally. Globalization has only just begun. Consider that 95% of the world population lives outside of Canada and the US, with 73% of that number gaining increasing purchasing power. That’s an enormous market to be tapped.

The most successful companies in the world adopt a strategy of global selling and marketing. When breaking into new markets it is imperative you understand the factors that would make your business succeed. This workshop will help you focus on alleviating the unique challenges businesses face when entering or expanding into new markets, and explain the four Stages of Global Expansion. Learn about the steps, processes and requirements to successfully expand into new markets.



•  Top reasons you should be looking at Global Markets for growth

•  The four stages of creating a successful global expansion strategy

•  Strategic planning for new market entry

•  How to pick the right market for your business

•  Essential Toolkit

•  Top level – Tips

•  Lessons from the edge



•  Step-by-step break down of stages for new market entry

•  More confidence built around planning for market expansion

•  Companies can begin to use the plan and tools in their own businesses right away

•  Essential information companies need to succeed in new markets

•  Template for strategic planning when going global



•  C-level executives of companies with capacity and unique product or service offerings that are uncertain of how to go about expanding into new markets

•  Senior Government decision makers involved in assisting companies with a desire for internationalization

•  Executives of business incubators


Alpha Global Experts supports you in all aspects of doing business on a global scale – from market entry to cross-cultural operational integration. We make markets accessible and culture tangible and measurable!