ROI of Culture



Can your company culture make a difference to your bottom line?

Very few companies would list culture as one of their profit centers yet it is widely believed that culture trumps strategy any day. A positive company culture boosts retention rates, creativity, productivity and cohesion. Company leaders are challenged with the efforts of maintaining their corporate culture as they expand internationally because in addition to local culture they have to deal with cross-border relationships/cultures amongst their teams.



What We Can Do To Alleviate The Pain

Alpha Global Experts can at this stage help you set-up and integrate your foreign operations and your team to facilitate effective cross-cultural communication that will increase productivity among teams and help create a culture that drives profits through engaged employees across borders.

We can help to:

Integrate local culture into your corporate culture and vision from the start

Build better cross-cultural teams that work and communicate well together

Create understanding of and bridge cross-cultural differences through individual and group coaching and workshops on all levels of operations

Really explain and create a mutual understanding of cultural drivers and motivators in different locales

Help create effective cross-cultural communication that eliminates roadblocks and misunderstandings that leads to higher overall employee satisfaction and productivity

Create a Cultural Competency Profile for your organization, using proven tools: “Intercultural Awareness Profile”, “Intercultural Competence Profile”, and “Culture Compass”.

Integrate results from Disc profile with the results of the “Intercultural Awareness Profile”, “Intercultural Competence Profile”, and “Culture Compass” to ensure highest level of team efficiency, sustainability and cross-cultural integration.

Alpha Global Experts Inc. is able to provide training at various levels to help companies better understand and effectively deal with the impact of culture on their global business. From consulting and training to more personalized coaching, we help people link culture to specific business issues and, thereby, realize their business goals. Depending on the specific business issues at hand, the level and size of the audience and their specific learning objectives, as well as the available time, we can tailor our training to your unique needs at the (inter) personal, team and/or organization levels.

To accomplish this objective, we use proven Intercultural Awareness Training Modules that are built on over 20 years of research in training, coaching and consulting to global businesses. Our training is based on the research developed by Fons Trompenaars, the world’s leading expert on strategic intercultural management issues.

How will your company benefit:

Increase team productivity

Reduce turnover

Effectively deal with uncertainty about an unpredictable future and achieve high levels of effectiveness

Improve leadership skills and cultural competence within your organization


In Cost

Per Hour

“The Society for Human Resource Management estimates that it costs $3,500 to replace one $8-per-hour employee when all expenses — recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, reduced productivity and so on are considered. SHRM’s estimate was the lowest of 17 nationally respected companies who calculate this cost.” Government Executive 2014