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After the Deal…

Would you feel differently about the potential of your investment portfolio if you could shorten the M & A integration period after a merger or acquisition?

After a merger or acquisition, investors can count on a familiar pattern: A hit to their bottom lines that can last up to a year or longer; in the end, more than 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver shareholder value. The focus of the deal is frequently placed on financials, redefining the customer value proposition, re-evaluating the profit formula, without much consideration given to the complexity of human behavior. The impact of corporate culture on company valuation is enormous, and often overlooked. Poor corporate culture is estimated to be responsible for 32% of lost productivity post acquisition, and even higher after a merger.

Most executives agree that the single greatest cause for concern/risk in achieving M&A success is failure to effectively integrate the post-merger entity, or target company, to achieve cultural fit.


We make culture tangible and measurable…



Consistent, Repeatable Process…

A formidable corporate culture upholds company brand, health, growth, and profitability. Our proven methodology to effectively and quickly unite a new culture front after a merger or acquisition is backed by over 20 years of research.

Through established metrics and measurable outcomes, we help you build a synchronous team that benefits your portfolio.

Benefits of using our model include:
1.    Reduce the dip after M&A and maximize shareholder value sooner.
2.    Reconcile differences in corporate culture to your advantage by uncovering hidden opportunities in diversity, and use them for innovation.
3.    Reduce the risk of failure to achieve the goals of the merger or acquisition.
4.    Increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.
5.    Increase organizational effectiveness.
6.    Strengthen your brand.

Alpha Global Experts eases the pain of post M&A integration, helping investors turn a profit sooner. In a 10-12 week period, we work with you to (re-) create a consolidated company blueprint that allows integration of your teams through a process that is measurable, tangible and repeatable.

M&A fail rate

Corporate Culture related productivity loss


20 Years of research at your disposal

Some of the first steps in our process include interviewing and coaching leaders and executives to determine business dilemmas, or integration challenges. Those challenges then inform new processes, operational functions, and sharpen a new business model, as well as thoughtfully meld two brands and unite two corporate cultures into one that is engaged and productive. We help you put the right people in the right positions to minimize the downtime after a transaction. Our clients consistently shorten the time between investment deal and turning a profit by making Alpha Global Experts a part of every transaction.

Contact us to find out more about our M&A integration program and how we can help you create your own consistent M&A playbook to maximize shareholder value across all your deals.



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