Culture for Business


Culture for Business

Whether dealing with corporate or national culture, all businesses have to navigate the complexities arising from the diversity inherent in our global markets. We help people link culture to specific business issues to realize business goals and derive tangible benefits such as increased team productivity, lower turnover, and better organizational effectiveness. Our proven diagnostic tools will give you a competitive advantage by providing a qualitative and quantitative understanding in the following areas:

M&A Integration
Business and Cultural Integration
Leadership and Expat Development
Cross-cultural Competence
International Negotiations
Remote and Virtual Team Integration


We make Culture tangible and measurable!

We can create a visual snapshot of your company’s culture and compare it to your ideal future culture. Whether your company is going through an internal restructuring process or merging with a business on the other side of world, we can map out a measurable strategy on how to align both your corporate and national cultures to align with your desired organizational values.


Proven Tools – Measurable Results

Using the Trompenaars Hampden-Turner (THT) model, Alpha Global Experts provides solutions at various levels to help companies better understand and effectively deal with the impact of culture on their business to increase productivity, employee satisfaction and bottom line.

We make the business and people aspects of culture explicit and measurable by providing you with a visual diagnosis based on a well-proven methodology and over 20 years of research.


How will your company benefit?

We actively support you in managing the business value of cultural diversity, whether it relates to national or corporate culture.
These solutions have helped many companies derive tangible benefits from diverse value perspectives:

Reconcile cultural differences to your advantage by uncovering hidden opportunities in diversity, and use them for innovation
Prepare your people to successfully navigate foreign cultures when entering new markets and negotiate successfully
Overcome cultural factors in post-merger integration
Reduce risk and expenditure through building intercultural competence in your leadership and teams
Improve team performance by connecting different viewpoints
Increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover
Increase organizational effectiveness

You can expect tangible, positive effects to come from win-win outcomes, such as more productive cross-cultural relationships, improved bottom line results and a better reputation.

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