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About Alpha Global Experts

MicheleAlpha Global Experts Inc. was established in 2011 by Michèle Hecken, CEO and President, and Usukuma Ekuere, Vice President, of Alpha Global Experts Inc. Due to the demands of their clients, there was a need for expert advice for businesses entering new markets.

When it comes to succeeding in international markets, it is imperative to understand the factors that will make your business succeed. A large portion of global investments are lost, because of the difficulties to navigate the complexities from diversifying into a new market without a firm understanding of the cultural and legal requirements to operate within that country, and strategies to effectively operate in the market.

One of the main causes of difficulties from businesses entering new markets is the lack of understanding and ineffectively integrating the target company to achieve cultural fit within that market. Alpha Global Experts Inc. offers consulting services that will help your business succeed. Our strategic consultants will partner with you to provide information and support to reduce negative exposure and investment risk, while increasing your chances for success.

We also help people navigate through complexities that are inherent in our global markets. More than half of all international ventures fail within two or three years because of a lack of cultural competency, not the lack of technical or professional expertise. Our in-country support will provide you with a personal connection to a cultural business both here, and in your target market.

Alpha Global Experts supports you in aspects of doing business on a global scale – from Market Entry to Cross-Cultural Operational Integration.  We make Markets accessible and Culture tangible and measurable!

Topics of Interest:  Mergers & Acquisitions  | Local Expert Advisors  |  Global Expansion  |  ROI on diverse culture


Mission and Vision


Alpha Global Experts supports you in all aspects of doing business on a global scale – from market entry to cross-cultural operational integration.

We make markets accessible and culture tangible and measurable!



Our vision is to provide a one-stop service for successful international business growth and cultural competence.

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