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Local Expertise in Global Markets:

New markets with their cultural nuances, traditions, legislation and different regulations for doing business can be difficult to navigate. It is estimated that more than half of all international ventures fail within two or three years. The reason most often given is lack of cultural competency – not the lack of technical or professional expertise.

At Alpha Global Experts, we understand the challenges you’ll face when entering new markets. We make it a priority to help you turn these threats into opportunities.

Navigate Foreign Cultures with Confidence

How do you know you have a good deal? Business negotiations with partners in different countries are context driven. Cultural sensitivity, while crucial to initiation of business relationships, is also critical to the outcomes of your meetings and negotiations.

We can provide that context rich briefing about the intricacies of your target market customs through advisors in your home country before you leave, or in your target country through local advisers when you arrive.


Your Local Expert Advisor – Dedicated, on-the ground support

Your local expert adviser can help guide you and avoid the pitfalls that exist when doing business in unfamiliar territory. Your international success with business partners can be hindered if subtle nuances in the culture are misinterpreted.

Our expert advisors will hold your hand throughout your visit so you will have less things to worry about. They are knowledgeable in the local customs and business culture so your meetings, negotiations and social events are stress free, allowing you to focus on your business objectives and outcomes.


How will you benefit?

Our dedicated in-country Local Expert Advisors will help you succeed and grow your business in foreign markets. We work closely with so that you will

[icon name=”icon-screenshot”] be fully prepared with pre-trip customized industry research, insights and country introduction materials
[icon name=”icon-screenshot”] have a trusted local advisor by your side to provide support and insight in negotiations with local business partners and act as your personal interpreter
[icon name=”icon-screenshot”] gain access to in-country primary and secondary market research to support your decisions
[icon name=”icon-screenshot”] connect with trusted local professional contacts such as lawyers, accountants, staffing agencies etc. as required
[icon name=”icon-screenshot”] receive help in connecting with potential local business partners or sales channels
[icon name=”icon-screenshot”] receive professional local trade show preparation and event support
[icon name=”icon-screenshot”] gain access to trained Local Expert Advisors in over 30 markets

We help ensure your visits and negotiations are successful and your time and investment is utilized effectively.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you succeed in foreign markets.


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