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Free Cross-Cultural Communication Assessment

Not sure about the role that cross-cultural communication and effective collaboration play in the success or failure of companies? Think culture is intangible and “soft”? Wondering if investing in Global Leadership and Cross-Cultural Training can and will actually improve your organizational effectiveness and bottom line?





Maximize your global strategy and get the best out your cross-cultural team. See improving Cross-cultural communication can improve organizational effectiveness, drive innovation and boost your bottom line.

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Up to 70 percent of mergers & acquisitions fail to meet the objective or expected benefits, because there has not been adequate attention for the cultural aspects of the integrations. The same applies to leading and managing cross-cultural teams.

Effective cross-border communication and collaboration are becoming critical to the financial success of companies with international aspirations. Misunderstandings rooted in cultural differences present the greatest obstacle to productive cross-border collaboration.

Successful multi-cultural teams drive innovation and creativity, often resulting in a distinct competitive advantage!


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