Did You Hear the News?

19 Dec 2013, Posted by Raphaela Hecken in Events

We are thrilled to announce Michèle Hecken, President  & CEO at Alpha Translations Canada Inc., has been selected for The Wanderer’s Top 100 Women in Business.

MicheleThe Wanderer is a popular magazine that focuses on Edmonton and provides insight of the city’s business, culture, sciences, and sports. It has recently launched a project called “Edmonton’s Top 100 Women in Business,” which recognizes Edmonton’s most involved, unique, business leaders that have contributed throughout the city. To be a final candidate, the magazine looks for specific characteristics, which are leadership, innovation, community outreach, and business development. Michèle definitely meets those characteristics.

Michèle started Alpha Translations from a home-based business into a global enterprise with multi-million dollar revenues. At the same time, she raised 2 daughters as a single mom. She is a visionary and an evolutionary leader, who leads by example, is a role model to those around her—professionally and personally—and coaches her team exceptionally well towards the company’s vision and mission. She is always looking for new and better innovations for the operation of her business, one of which lead her to co-found Alpha Global Experts Inc. in 2011 due to the clients’ need for succeeding in international markets. Michèle also contributes much of her time in the Edmonton business community. She is a member of the Edmonton chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization, Start-Up Edmonton, Translators without Borders, and AWE (Alberta Women Entrepreneurs).